Making money using Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate eCommerce Store Marketing is the art of selling someone elses products using a website you design and maintain. You become an affiliate by going to a company that has an affiliate program, signing up with them, and then placing their products in a store you control and getting people to come to your store. From the customer's perspective, they are shopping at your store, but they are actually purchasing from the company to which you are affilated. The company then pays you a percentage of the product price. Two of the best affiliate programs are Amazon and eBay. When a potential customer sees "Powered by Amazon" or "Powered by eBay" it instills confidence in your product. They also know that the actual sale and shipping will be handled by a company they trust.

Of course, affiliate stores can sell one company's products or the products of hundreds of companies. However, the more companies you affiliate with the more difficult it becomes to track your earnings. This is where the affiliate networks come into play. affiliate networks such as the CJ Affiliate program provide hundreds of possibilities while providing one place to manage your income.

With a store of your own, you can advertise products that match the type of content you have. With pay-per-click advertising, such as Google AdSense, you don't need a site. You pay when someone clicks on your ads on a site where Google has displayed them. The link takes them to the site you're promoting. Because you used your unique code in the link, you receive credit for the click and if they make a purchase within the alotted time frame (usually 30 to 60 days), you receive payment.

No matter what your marketing strategy, it is important to plan your work and work your plan, including A/B testing. A/B testing is a strategy that uses two or more variants of an advertisement campaign or marketing approach to detemine which variation performs better for your conversion goal. So, prepare your marketing strategy and goals and start making money.

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