Technology in Art

In the past few years, graphics software has begun to play a significant role in the production of visual art. Although the contemporary art galley still leans toward canvas art, this new technology has unleashed a wave of creativity which has stretched the boundaries and imagination of creative art. The development of application software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks have revolutionized the way that art is produced by making it possible for artists to complete entire works on the computer. Even artist who still prefer a paper canvas to a digital one, frequently choose to scan their sketches or line art and then use one of the available graphics packages to complete the coloring process.

This art movement is not limited to pop art. Artists of all stripes are finding their way into the computer age and expanding the horizons of impressionist art, modern art and even watercolor art. Although we have dedicated this page to art and artwork, art cannot be limited to drawing, painting and sketching. Art includes photography, dance, fashion and music to name just a few forms. All of these arts have been affected and enhanced by the cybernation of the modern world. A well rounded and informed culture includes all aspects of art, cherishing each for the particular pleasure it brings to life.

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