Cloud Computing

As the combination of the key technologies cloud computing, big data, social media, and Mobile technology converge to form a symbiotic critical mass that drives key innovation at both the IT and business process level, the amalgamation has become an essential factor in the development and deployment of the internet of things and the repair of the impaired global enterprise system. Cloud computing is a comprehensive solution that delivers IT as a service. It is an Internet-based computing solution in which shared resources are delivered like electricity on the electrical grid. Cloud-based computers are configured to work together. Applications use the collective computing power as if they are running on a single system.

Cloud computing flexibility is due to the allocation of resources on demand. On-demand allocation facilitates the use of cumulative system resources, negating the need to assign specific hardware to a task. Before cloud computing paradigm, websites and server-based applications were executed on a specifically assigned system. The cloud computing allows systems resources to be used aggregated virtual computers. This amalgamated configuration provides an environment where applications execute independently without regard for any particular configuration.

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