Create Products for Print On Demand (POD) Sites

There are several companies on the Web that provide Print On Depand (POD) services and also provide a means for individuals to create designs and open shops to sell their designs on articles that are then created and shipped to customers by the POD itself. The POD pays the design creator a commission from the sale. The beauty of this business model for the design creator is that they never have to print, ship or handle returns. The entire process is virtual for the designer. [PhotoShop tutorials can help with designs.]

The top three PODs are Zazzle, Cafepress and Spreadshirt. They each sell t-shirts, tote bags and other clothing items. Zazzle and Cafepress sell mugs, magnets, mousepads and posters. Zazzle also sells United States postage and numerous stationary products, while Cafepress sells clocks, coasters and keepsake boxes as well as few stationary products.

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