Technology in Dance

Over the years, technology has been used to provide feedback to dancers on their form and style. Many dance schools began to tape dance lessons when video cameras became readily affordable. A dance class could use this feedback to enhance their overall performance and individuals could begin to identify their own particular areas in need of enhancement. From tap dancing and ballet to hip hop and modern jazz, the dance video became an invaluable tool.

Today, dancing has taken on a new quality. In the digital age, dancers can be scanned to provided a precise rendition of their movements; they can perform with copies of themselves; or partners can be created for them from bits and bytes. Using sensory technology and digital projection, backgrounds can be designed that are reflections of the actual movement of the performers --- swirling, swaying and sailing across the stage in a rhythmic accompaniment.

Chinese Ballet- Swan Lake


Hoop dance performance: Lisa Odjig at TEDxSenecaCollege

Deepika padukone fast live dance collection

Russian Folk Dance