Hobbies, model railroads, airplanes, collecting stamps, buying antiques, there are literally thousands upon thousand of popular hobbies. Cultural View seeks to provide a forum that you can use to explore the world of hobbies and hobbyists as well as provide a means of facilitating the growth and spread of beneficial hobby pursuits.

There are many great hobbies for all ages, genders, and temperament. Among these are model and scale trains, model and scale building kits, doll houses, coin collecting, historic re-enactment  scrapbooking, amateur radio  and things of that nature. Whatever the particular hobby there are a goodly number of hobby shops, hobby stores and conventions to supply the typical hobby shop enthusiasts

Some people prefer action hobbies and/or outdoor hobbies such as those involved in radio controlled (rc hobbies) – the little cars, planes and so forth, or miniature rocket building activities or fishing.

There are still others who crave the more exotic form of hobbies.  For example this story about a major financial scandal that is traced to hobbies…well not exactly…read this excerpt, and you will see what we mean.

“The expensive hobbies of DSB Bank’s owner and CEO Dirk Scheringa eventually led to the bank’s collapse, says its former financial director Frank de Grave in an interview in Thursday’s Volkskrant.