Japan: The collapsing society

Japan is trapped in the nightmare of some odd movie where the scenes are taken from the deepest dark recesses of their culture. The conquest and occupation of Japan after the second world war has now morphed into a semi US colony. Just look at Okinawa’s terrible plight, the continued rapes murders there and the total collapse of the society overall. The Japanese democratic left and socialist oriented activists are determined to move Japan into a political system with a proper social economic milieus


13th Tokyo-Beijing Forum concludes with call for Japan and China to ‘fully improve’ ties

Japan Times
December 18, 2017

BEIJING – A forum for experts from Japan and China ended a two-day meeting in Beijing Sunday by issuing a statement on a package of proposals that includes a call for the two countries to fully improve relations.

The next step for Japan and China should be to hold a high standard of historical and political responsibility, said the document dubbed “Beijing consensus” adopted at the 13th session of the Tokyo-Beijing Forum.

At a news conference afterward, former U.N. Undersecretary-General Yasushi Akashi called on the leaders of Japan and China to promote visits to each other.

Akashi said that he wants Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Japan early next year so the two nations will be able to develop friendly ties that are mutually beneficial.

The package also called on Tokyo and Beijing to consider cooperation on China’s “One Belt, One Road” development initiative for countries along the old Silk Road, and make efforts to resolve problems related to North Korea through peaceful means.

At the forum, organized by Japanese private-sector group Genron NPO and China International Publishing Group, participants discussed challenges facing the two Asian countries.


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