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Whether you want a completely novel cake such as a minimalists-like arrangement of the happy couple‚Äôs favorite cup cakes, one of the variations of traditional white wedding cakes, the wedding cake design, wedding cakes are essential elements of the happy occasion. Indeed it is one of the weddings main fixtures. 

Wedding cake toppers, wedding the proper positioning and lighting all contribute to the wonderful impact of a well prepared and presented cake. Wedding cakes pictures, along with groom and bride feeding each other slices of the cake (or in some instances, smearing the cake on each other) video segments, keep the cake sharing memory vividly alive. In this way the cake continues to play the symbolic sentimental role of the wedding it fulfilled at the actual wedding ceremony.

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Wedding cake designs are central.  Whether the cake you choose is round, square, triangular, six layers high or the icing is chocolate with candy stars, rather than butter cream with fruit, all contributes to the overall design of the cake. Clearly, design is particularly important in the case of those fabulous showcase works of art being turned out by some innovative bakers.  These jobs are so imaginative and just browsing web pics of these very creative and elaborated wedding cakes themes makes you want to get married or if you are already married have a second wedding.  

And some of the cake galleries of the specialty and custom made bakers, including, for the more adventuresome, adult image bakers, have taken the design of wedding cakes to a new level and dimension of absolutely creative work.  

Creative culinary combinations, provocative or humorous toppers and the eating of the first slice by the happy couple are institutional and ritual centerpieces of every western wedding.

But that does not mean there is no alternatives, for example: