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The wedding day is a very special day for all those involved. This page and the others listed are designed to assist you in preparing the best day possible. Each page in this set provides unique information and videos that reflect what you can do for your special day. From the cake and bridal gown to the first dance ideas, these pages will provide a wealth of hits, tips and suggestions for your wedding.

There is just so much to be done to create a great wedding. There is the wedding invitations and all the wedding accessories. Not to mention the reception, the wedding cake, your wedding song, your wedding dance, wedding favors all the wedding gowns, tuxedoes, and formal wedding dresses. You're responsible for lining up a reliable, creative and tasteful wedding photographer and wedding videographer, for getting flowers from a reputable and reliable wedding florist and for so many other thinkgs, the list goes on and on. Wedding veils, bouquets, reception halls, DJs, bands, caters, and whatnot.

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Technology has made many of the planning tasks easier to cope with — given the advent of digital technology and the power of the Internet/World Wide Web. When we googled the phrase "wedding software" with the quotes as part of the search string, it returned no less than 92 thousand plus sites. Generally speaking the power of available spreadsheet, database, work and project planner, budgetting and even document authoring tools, makes it feasible for anyone familiar with any of these to build their own simple straigthforward process to assist in the planning, administration, coordinating, budgeting, managing and tracking the development and unfolding of a wedding.

But it goes even further than that. Contemporary cutting-edge scene development technology lets couples make a beach in Florida appear as a wintery, snowy venue for a wedding...thus avoiding the real unpleasantness of cold, wet, snowy conditions, but still treating yourself to the look of a wedding in such conditions.

In short, from planning, announcement, rehearsal, ceremony and honeymoon, you will find plenty of innovative technology at your service.